Tous Fruits is a major exporter of fruits

Tous Fruits is a company of Daoudi Brothers Group, the founders of the group are farmers of origin, their family exploit hundreds of hectares of arboriculture since 1905.
Specialist in the storage, packaging and marketing of dates, Tous Fruits offers a wide range of varieties of fresh natural dates of superior quality.

It applies its know-how and quality requirements to the full range of its products. This rigor has allowed the company to become one of the largest exporters of dates of Tunisian origin. Its strong development potential allows it to meet the growing market demand by ensuring optimal quality of its products.

Tous Fruits offers a wide variety of dates; fresh dates, trendy dates, dried dates, packed dates, dates in branches … it also offers the best variety of dates in the world, Deglet Nour.

Deglet Nour differs from other varieties by the elegance of its shape, its golden color and its specific scent, it is the most popular date variety in the world, it is named the queen of dates.

The many years of experience allow Tous Fruits to always refine the selection criteria to be used to provide products that meet quality standards.

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